Goscor Power Products distributes Robin Subaru engines, pumps, and generators. Meiwa and Laku light construction equipment ranges. Goscor Power Products now available in Port Elizabeth through Cherry Industrial – trusted supplier to the plant hire, construction, agricultural, turf-care & industrial markets.


Compaction of just about all types of soil (including cohesive clay types) in medium and deep layers, trenches, foundations, backfills etc. This machine is ideal for compaction work in confined areas and where high compaction density is required (use on sandy soil is not recommended).



Plate Compactor: This machine is used for removing air from the soil by vibration. It is also used to prepare soil beneath normal housing foundations, floor slabs and paving. It can also be used ontop of paving.
Reversible Compactor: This machine is used for the compaction of sandy/gravelly soil in trenches and foundations as well as paving applications.


For cutting of expansion and contraction joints, neatening of slab/road edges, repairs to roads/slabs and cutting os surfaces for cable laying or replacing.


Drive Unit: Used for driving mechanical flex drive pokers and submersible pumps.

Poker: The machines are used for vibrating of concrete. They remove air from the wet mixture of concrete by vibrating the wet concrete and releasing any air trapped inside the mixture before it sets.

Concrete Trowelling Machine

The machine is used for creating a very smooth finish on new concrete slabs. In special circumstances, the machine can be used for polishing screeds.

Submersible Pumps